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Not once but twice

September 10th, 2005

My alma mater, the Mindanao State University (MSU) has never been free from political manipulation and control by those who hold power. Its mandate as an academic institution is always compromised by accomodations of vested political interests.

The term of office of the incumbent MSU President ends this month. Months ago, a search committee composed of academicians had been established to screen and process the selection of the next MSU President. Unfortunately, none of those shortlisted by the search committee, all highly qualified for the position, all competent academicians and alumni of MSU, fit Malacanang’s preference.

Instead, Malacanang has appointed Gen. Ricardo de Leon, recently retired Deputy Director General of the Philippine National Police, as MSU OIC President. Malacanang said that De Leon’s appointment is “temporary” and is intended only to cleanse MSU of alleged corruption and pave the transition for the next MSU President. When this temporary status will end only Malacanang knows.

There are no other educational institutions in our country where Generals have been appointed to the position of President. Malacanang has done this to MSU not only once but twice. Immediately after the ouster of the Marcos dictatorship, Malacanang appointed a General as MSU’s OIC President. Now, another General will take the helm of Mindanao’s premiere academic institution.

Malacanang has a weird way of carrying out a transition to MSU’s presidency. Until they find an able stooge, they pass the leadership of this academic institution to military officials. One can never find a classic example of militarizing an academic institution than this perverted practice.

Even if one has to believe in the rationale of cleansing corruption in the MSU system, appointing a General does not fit the equation. It is simply ridiculous, unless the university charter is changed and MSU is transformed into a new military academy. Cleansing corruption in an educational institution can be done by any qualified, competent academician. Why give the task of ridding corruption to someone coming from an institution which is itself riddled with graft and corruption?

Political appointments to key positions in the bureaucracy is Government’s prerogative. Everyone knows that this practice is meant to maintain control and perpetuate patronage politics and not for any other reason. Extending such practice to institutions of learning not only strengthens corruption in the system but corrupts the minds of the youth in whom we place our country’s future.

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  1. September 11th, 2005 at 05:02 | #1

    nakakapang-init talaga ng ulo, ‘di ba, kuya sam? hay!:(

  2. Samuel Bilibit
    September 11th, 2005 at 08:20 | #2

    Oo nga BabyPink, sa dinamidami ng pagpipiliang mga qualified at insiders pa..isang taga-labas at Heneral pa man din ang iniluklok ng Malacanang bilang OIC. Nakakalungkot dahil ang perception ng ibang tao sa ating Alma Mater ay parang isang lawless territory na kailangan pa ng isang Heneral para linisin ito. Ganun ka babaw ang pag-tingin nila sa MSU.

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