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Push your buttons

September 8th, 2005

The present Political crisis besetting our country brings out the brightest and the dumbest comments you can get from people. I agree that everybody has the right to express his or her opinion, but getting opinions that are few bricks shy of a load can really flip my lid.

One already gets a daily dose of stupid opinions from TV and the newspapers. But take a stroll round bloggosphere and you get an additional dose of such stupidity.

I can’t help getting upset when I read posts or comments like:

“dapat itigil na ang mga rali nakaka-istorbo lang sa traffic”
“Huwag nang mag-people power gulo lang yan at nagsasayang lang ng panahon”
“let’s move on with our lives”
“kami dapat ang mas may karapatan dahil nagbabayad kami ng tax hindi yang mga maiingay na nagrarali na wala namang mga trabaho’t hindi nagbabayad ng tax”
“hindi na tayo umaasenso rali pa ng rali”

To hear comments like these coming from Mike Defensor, Toting Bunye, Chavit Singson, Raul Gonzales, The Prospero’s Pichay and Nograles, Joe de Venecia, FVR and the rest of the GMA cabal, is at least tolerable because it’s their job. They’re being paid for their natural talents of being stupid to defend their Queen. Or from businessmen who doesn’t really care if the President is a SOB or the bitch herself, as long as the President is their SOB, or their bitch.

But it’s sickening to hear such comments from average individuals who consider themselves “educated”. From stuck-ups who suddenly loves GMA because he got caught in a traffic at EDSA caused by an anti-GMA rally. As if traffic is not a daily calamity in Metro Manila. From people who suddenly felt they’re above the rest simply because they pay taxes. As if they’ll pay taxes voluntarily if it’s not automatically deducted from their salaries. Besides, don’t they realize that even if one doesn’t pay his individual tax, like everyone else, one is still taxed by the Government in many other ways? From people who think that the reason for all these mess are the rallies and not GMA. As if it was not through a Peoples Power that GMA was able to grab the Presidency. As if it was not due to Peoples Power that we enjoy our freedom today.

I don’t know if this is just a display of utter hypocrisy or naivete. Perhaps it’s just plain and simple stupidity. In our country you can get elected to anything, as long as you get all the fools on your side. That’s why we dont run short of stupid politicians because there are more fools in our country than there are people.

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