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Rocking the Palace

February 20th, 2006

An explosion rocked Malacanan Palace at noon today.The PSG immediately downplayed it by saying that the explosion didn’t come from any explosive material. Only minutes after the explosion the PSG had already theorized that the explosion might have been triggered by a lighted cigarette thrown into the garbage box that has some chemicals compacted inside it. This theory was affirmed later on by Mike Defensor after an emergency meeting with the Presidential Staff saying it was a lacquer thinner that caused the explosion. Earlier on Mike Defensor blamed destabilizers planning to oust GMA as perpetrators of the bomb explosion.

The group Young Officers Union New Generation (YOUNG) and the Reformist AFP (RAFP) issued a press statement claiming responsibity for the Malacanan bombing. The group said that it is the start of a series of explosive protest they are going to launch till GMA steps down. As expected, Malacanan downplayed the group and their bomb threats.

Usually it is not so reassuring when government starts to downplay threats. On the contrary, it gives us more reason to speculate that something must indeed be brewing. We might be facing quite an interesting EDSA week ahead of us.

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