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A Greener Perspective

June 19th, 2008

One common problem in most urban dwellings is the lack of space for landscaping and natural greenery. You are in a concrete jungle and everything around you is steel, concrete and plastic. In an urban setting, the planting of evidence by rogue policemen is much easier than that of planting plants in your house. Unless you live in a bigger house in the middle of the city with a large front and backyard, planter and planters are no problem for you.

In this situation, most city dwellers adjust by making use of various Indoor Planters as well as Outdoor Planters. An Indoor Planter, apparently holds plants which you would like to put inside your house. Outdoor Planter is quite similar to a Garden Planter. Only that, Garden Planters hold much more plants, as its name suggests, it is designed as a garden.

There are also other High End Planters, like Decorative Planters and Window Box Planters. A Window box planter hangs from a window or placed along the edge of a window. While a decorative planter are designed to be more conspicous and for display purpose. But the high cost of urban living makes one prudent in spending money for more basic needs than for a high end planter. If the purpose is simply to give our urban dwelling a greener perspective, used tin or plastic containers can be utilized to serve as improvised planters.

If the planters are already fixed, the next basic problem for a greening project in an urban setting is where to get the soil for planting. But alas, gardening soils are now also available and sold in grocery stores in the city. Just wondering if there are also such item as a high end soil.

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