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A night at the Gallery

February 5th, 2008

Last night I was in the gallery of the Plenary hall of the House of Representatives to watch the season ending of the soap opera, “The House that JDV Built” (billed in Pilipino as, “Bakit ngayon ka lang”) and the premiere showing of the new season series of “How to win a House and Lot”, locally billed as “Tumakbo kang Hubad sa Mundong Ibabaw.” The plenary hall’s gallery was jampacked by a crowd of people of various persuasions and interests; the media, political pressure groups, business contractors, business contractors and business contractors. All eagerly waiting for an outcome that will lead for the betterment or end of their respective agenda in the House.

I just went there to see for myself how a House supposedly composed of men and women having the title of Honorable affixed to their names, divide their own house along the lines of, well what else but their own selfish interests. Once again, the event last night in Congress affirmed the old adage, that in Politics there are no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interests. Amidst all the rethorics of change, reform, what have you, one can simplify what every Congressman/woman was saying…“goodbye joe, dito muna ako sa bagong majority para steady maligaya funds ko from the palace”“dapat iretain si joe, paano na lang ang Chairmanship ko sa Committees.” You see, when one votes Yes for the ouster of JDV and that vote won (which it did), one automatically becomes a member of the Majority…and the perks for being with the Majority are aplenty.

How our Congressmen voted yesterday already gave us their behavioral pattern when voting on issues. When the issue entail positions, especially position of the powers that be, they can stay as long as the wee hours of the morning just to expedite the business at hand. But when issues affecting the lives of the people are being tackled, they can go only as fast as 7pm to adjourn the session and resume again the next day. Some of them will take time in delivering excruciatingly long speeches in favor of business interests lobbying for the non-approval of bills like the Cheaper Medicine Bill.

jdv_swansong200.jpgBut the main performance last night was the swan song of JDV. Hell hath no fury like a Speaker Ousted, JDV in an impromptu speech lambasted his former Matron and resurrected controversial issues affecting the First Family and GMA that he himself had defended for a long time. After his rather angry speech, some spectators in the gallery applauded. I was just wondering as to what their applause was for, for JDV’s “johnny-come-lately” postmortem statements or because JDV was ousted? JDV’s swan song didn’t tickle my fancy for a spark of yet another people power, it simply reminded me how the brain of a trapo works. And he was ousted by people having the same brain and replaced by someone of their own kind too. The replacement speaker even claims that his being elected to the position of Speaker is “God’s will”. Well its up to you to figure out, who’s that God.

I didn’t linger in the gallery till the end of the show, its ad nauseam. The bus which I boarded on my way home had better shows to offer…like Zaido and Marimar!

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