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Amsterdam on my mind. Part 2

May 21st, 2008

On my previous “Amsterdam on my mind” post, I wrote about our gallivanting adventures on the streets of Amsterdam. There are also other (mis)adventures I had while in Holland. So many to remember, but some are too notable to forget, especially those about getting lost in translation.

There was one instance when my Filipino classmates and I went to a party hosted by our compatriots. In that party I met a crowd representing the widest spectrum of Filipinos in Holland. Aside from a sprinkling of few students, activists and political asylum seekers, most of them were Overseas Workers like the seafarers, shopkeepers, caregivers, nurses, window cleaners and Au Pairs. Oh, yes the Au Pair, how can I forget.

Admittedly it was during that party that I first heard the word Au Pair. And I thought I was alone. To hide my being ignoramus, I didn’t asked what it meant the first time I heard it. My boisterous and noisy Filipino classmate did the discovering for me, and in a rather embarrassing manner. My classmate already tipsy, misheard and mistook the word Au Pair for “offer”. In an honest mistake, he innocently but loudly asked why should Filipinos come to Holland just to be “offered.” To his bewilderment, the group suddenly broke into a guffaw.

After that Party, my once noisy classmate had suddenly become more behaved and silent.

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