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And our next speaker is…

February 3rd, 2008

jdv.jpgThere’s this fuss about the seemingly inevitable change in the House leadership. JDV’s position as Speaker of the House is now being challenged by no less than his allies in the house under the pro-administration rainbow alliance dominated by the LAKAS-NUCD-CMD and the KAMPI.

In the frontline to oust JDV are the two Presidential sons, Honorables Mikey and Dato, acting like Mafia bambinos out to settle a score for a family’s trampled honor. It can be remembered that just recently JDV’s son, Joey, opened a can of worms that exposed once again how rotten the first family is, especially its patre de famiglia.

Thats how politics work in the Philippines. Everybody knows that it has become one big family business. Today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Editorial, aptly describes the present brouhaha:

“To be sure, politics, like any occupation, will result in bruised egos and grudges. This shouldn’t prevent the public, though, from recognizing that at the heart of the ongoing quarrel over the leadership of the House is a mafia mentality that seems to have possessed the First Family and the inability of a Speaker—who is more willing to sacrifice his son for personal political gain—to match rhetoric with action.”

Even if Congressmen change the Speaker of the House as fast as they change their loyalties, cars or bimbos, whats in it for the people, would it effect change in their lives? Like our Presidents, a new Speaker of the House will only be as good as the last one – or worst.

It’s a tweedledum and tweedledee.

(JDV Photo taken from Yahoo Images)

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