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Collecting Collectibles

June 8th, 2008

My late Dad kept a collection of memorabilia, from old photos, his World War II campaign medals to his ID Cards. He had a cabinet full of potpourris of this kind. When he died, his collections were distributed to those interested among us his sons. Being the first Mason among my siblings, it had become my obligation to keep all of my Dad’s Masonic stuff. Among other things, I also inherited from my Dad his penchant of collecting sundries for keepsakes.

As a kid, I started collecting a wide array of stuff, from photos, coins to toys, my school ID cards and even some of my notebooks. In high school, I had kept a considerable collection of soccer-football posters, posters of my favorite folk-rock group, and etc…Some of it I still have, but a lot had been misplaced or left somewhere else.

Recently, I started to collect covers of movies in DVD.In addition to my Dad’s collection, I am now starting to gather my own collection of various Masonic stuff .I plan to reconstruct my old collections again and hope that I can complete or find replacements of those which were already lost. Its time to take a trip down the thrift and antique shops or just click on the mouse to stroll the internet for other sources. Shopwiki for one, offers a lot of store for Collectibles and Memorabilia.

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