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Gathering of the Storm

March 1st, 2008

I am not a religious person, I communicate with my God directly, up close and spiritual. As a consequence, I seldom go to Church, that is if I ever choose to go. Reading the CBCP’s Pastoral Letter about the present political upheaval, just affirmed my notions about the institutional church. Amidst the wide clamor for the ouster and resignation ofbishops.jpg GMA because of plunder and corruption, the CBCP instead is asking Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) to lead the campaign against corruption in Government. This position betrays the CBCP’s real existence of being out in the cold distance and not in touch with reality.

Asking GMA to lead the campaign against corruption in Government is like asking the Abu Sayyaf to lead the campaign against kidnapping, Jovito Palparan to lead the campaign against Human Rights violations, Virgillo “Garci” Garcillano to lead the campaign for a free and honest elections, Jose Pidal to lead the campaign against money laundering, or simply put, asking the wolf to watch over the flock. By this single act, the iota of credibility still left of the CBCP for me is now completely washed down the drains. The CBCP sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil and got the pResident evil smiling and congratulating them for their position. The CBCP as an institution has now shown the people its worthlessness and has proven its irrelevance.

makati_rally.jpgHowever, rather than curse the darkness, I opted to figuratively light a candle and joined the interfaith rally in Makati yesterday. It would be hypocritical for me to say that I was there to listen to what the Bishops or other religious people, or the TRAPOS has to say. Together with Bambit, we went there to march under the banner and call of “OUST GMA, Change the System – No to TRAPO rule, Resign All!” This is my position on the present political crisis of our country. I will not only pray for it, I’ll work for it in my own little ways, like attending the rally yesterday and more rallies that will come.

The crowd in Makati yesterday was a mixed gathering of various sectors and interests united under one common call – for GMA to step down! I was hoping that something big might happen yesterday. Such mammoth crowd if marched and rammed into the EDSA shrine or the gates of Malacanang can really make an edge, create the spark and tilt the balance. Today might turned out to be a very different day than just an ordinary Saturday. But nothing happened, the rally ended peacefully…and the crowd was calm. But if you were one with the crowd, you can feel that the peace and calm of the rally yesterday was like the calm before the storm.

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