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I got mail

May 18th, 2008

I haven’t had a personal mailbox. Although some of my colleagues had personal mailboxes, I really never felt the need to have one. First, because I don’t have many personal correspondences or any subscriptions to anticipate, and secondly, I simply don’t have the time to go through the usual bureaucratic maze in order to get one. The idea of having a personal mailbox simply did not tickle my fancy, especially at a time when my lifestyle was so mobile, fast paced and spartan. But this was yesterday.

When you settle down, your pace becomes slower. But you realize that it is only yourself who had slowed down, the things around you remain in a perpetual mad rush. Then you understand why people need mailboxes. Because mailboxes serve as catchments collecting the flow of material information addressed to you. Even how fast the flow of things are, those that are intended for you can easily find their way to your mailbox. And all you have to do is collect them.

This is perhaps the reason why commercial mailboxes came into existence. Before, personal mailboxes are only available at the Post Office. Now, you can find and apply for a commercial mailbox inside shopping malls. I was surprised to see such commercial mail boxes when I entered a Parcel Service store inside a mall. This is indeed a novel and effective idea. If you have one of those mailboxes, you can now pick up your mails while shopping in a mall.

The thought of having one myself is now no longer far fetched.

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