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Just Another Sunday

February 24th, 2008

The corridors of power are busy this Sunday in fulfilling both their religious and political obligations, and as is often the case the combination of both. Religious in a sense that they attend mass and pray that they may get a good shot of this another Photo ops stint. Political, because for sure they are actually up into something else other than praying. Ah, for the benefit of the doubt, they might be really praying hard. Praying for a miracle or some divine intervention on a most unfavorable scenario for them, that of another EDSA uprising which might commence tomorrow.

sundaychurch_gmanogy_200.jpg Here’s Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressman Prospero Nograles in a picture depicting the deep religiosity of our politicians, praying together in a mass held inside the palace. Here are the two persons in Philippine politics who share a common illusion of being chosen by God. Not so long ago, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said on being President, “I believe that I am here because that is the plan of God for me and for us.” Just recently on a similar note, Nograles just minutes after being proclaimed Speaker of the House said, “It’s God’s will. It’s probably my destiny.”

Now another political storm is heading their way, both Gloria and Nograles need all the favors they can get from their God.

swimming.jpgMeanwhile, in the land of ordinary mortals, my family especially our little princess Maia, enjoyed a swimming party of her cousin Rafael James “RJ” Gaerlan’s 2nd Birthday at Dream Land Resort in Caloocan. It was only Maia’s second time to swim on a pool since she was less than a year old, yet she showed no fear only much enthusiasm.

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