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Prank Alarms

May 7th, 2008

One of the prankster trick that really drives me mad as a hornet is that of people ringing our door bell just for the heck of it. We use to get these prankster doorbell trick almost daily and mostly it is pulled off by rowdy neighborhood kids. They ring the door bell and then run away as fast as they can. Most of the time they just press once, yet sometimes more than once. This really makes you blow your top, especially if you are in the thick of things and you need to drop it just to look outside and finding no one.

The first time I heard these prank alarm, I thought it was the mailman dropping some mails in our mail box. I went out to look and found no one, and nothing on our mailbox. I was duped into this trick two times more before I conceded that it is a prank and gave up attending to every alarm given once through our door bell. What I do is to wait for the third or fourth ring before I consider it a legitimate alarm and look outside or check our mailboxes. But the door bell ringing four times is really very very annoying. What we do now is just to turn off the door bell, which in turn becomes inconvenient for our visitors. But at least, it gives us peace.

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