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Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!

May 20th, 2008

It is a cardinal rule not to leave your kids to strangers, much so, your infant baby. But in a situation where both parents are working, they are forced to leave their kids under the care of babysitters. In this situation, parents have to devise systems in order for them to be assured that their kids are being well taken cared of.

The only thing that comes to mind is to install a hidden camera. In this case, a nanny camera. Of course cameras could not prevent any impropriety or maltreatment, but it can document these incidents. Not only can these cameras document possible maltreatment by babysitters to their wards, it can also document illicit acts committed by the babysitter and/or her boyfriend, who was just outside your house waiting for you to leave. Petty thief is a common occurence in a household where strangers are tasked to watch over your property. Or even, a steamy (*tooot*) scene caught by your nanny camera can be a bonus take, you might wish.

The downside about this hidden camera stunt is that it violates the right to privacy of a person, and in this case the nanny. Who knows that the nanny might be actuated by pure and worthy motives in doing her job. Under the same circumstance, by secretly filming her through a nanny camera, you have acted more unwisely than you have judged her to have acted. While she gave you favor by diligently watching over your kids, in return you violate her rights by transgressing on her privacy.

But, in the final analysis, and as a father myself, I subscribe to the dictum “Salus BABY Suprema Lex”, – the welfare of my baby is Supreme Law.

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