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The Case of the Missing Decal

April 11th, 2008

There are stories we read in fiction novels written in the Da Vinci Code mystery genre, about icons that were lost or stolen and later on found or rediscovered. The common plot of these stories is the theme, that whoever discovers the lost icon and is worthy of its care is granted immense powers. But for those unworthy hands who stole it, if not killed, they succumb to an unbearable torment inflicted by a supernatural source.

It is common knowledge that those who posses the Square and Compasses symbol are Masons or Freemasons, members of a worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. These symbols had become ubiquitous as car decals. Some erring Masons and many pretenders have this wrong notion that these decals can bail them out from being charged with traffic violations. Admittedly this ancient Masonic symbol has been abused for selfish interests and mercenary motives both by Masons and pretenders alike. However, we Masons have our own methods in determining a pretender from a real Brother Mason. The general principle of displaying Masonic symbols is to remind the bearer that he should conduct himself in accordance with Masonic principles and his Masonic obligations. It is not to boast one’s membership or to be used as a ticket for privilege and badge for special favors.

squareancom.jpgI have Masonic symbols displayed in our house. Most of it can be found inside the house while I have two on our gates. The symbols glued on our rusty iron gate are the Seal of the Order of DeMolay Alumni Association and on its top is a smaller blue and gold Square and Compasses decal. These icons or symbols remained glued on our gate and left untouched for many months.

Until one night, two weeks ago, when I arrived home I noticed the Square and Compasses decal was gone. It was deliberately unfastened from where it was glued. The DeMolay Alumni seal was left untouched. I was disgusted and angry. I cannot do anything about it, but curse. And curse I did, that whoever stole it and use it for whatever purpose will eventually find himself in a situation that he cannot comprehend.

This morning, as Bambit and I stepped out of our gate, we were surprised to see the stolen Square and Compasses decal, glued back to its original position on our rusty gate. We were both wondering, what made the one who stole it to return the decal? And why would he take extra effort in pasting it back to its original position, when he can just throw the decal inside our house?

One can only posses the Square and Compasses symbol, if you are brought from darkness to light.

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  1. April 12th, 2008 at 00:52 | #1

    Sam, who knows what motivates some people? Whoever it was at least had some remorse. Either that or they know we rule the world and would exact revenge 😉

    PMC Chev and a bunch of other things

  2. April 12th, 2008 at 03:06 | #2

    Interesting story. I had no idea that people were trying to use Masonic symbols to get out of traffic violations. Since Masons are generally law abiding people it might be interesting to see statistics about whether Masons get fewer tickets or get in fewer car accidents. You will probably be interested in our blog post: http://www.cemeteryspot.com/blog/?p=115 . Also, our CemeterySpot companion online memorial website will issue a Press Release next week that will be of particular interset to Masons.

  3. April 14th, 2008 at 07:09 | #3

    @Justa: Hehehe…we could not even agree on what to order in a restaurant during our after stated meeting fellowship, how could they expect us to rule the world.

    @Hal Stevens: Like any other organization, freemasonry is not free from rogues and bad eggs.

  4. May 8th, 2008 at 01:21 | #4

    Hello po dad. :) It’s been a while since I last checked your page. Geez, if ever I marry, I sure will marry an honorable man–a Mason. It’s a must. ^_^

  5. May 8th, 2008 at 22:52 | #5

    @ Jobbie Sheena: Naks naman…as a matter of preference puwede pa siguro, extreme idealism naman din kung sabihim mong it’s a must. Ang pag-aasawa ay nakabatay sa pag-iibigan at walang prescription ang pag-ibig. Because Love is more to be felt and experienced than it is to be defined by words and conventions.

    I tell you, not all Masons are perfect. But in Masonry we strive for perfection. That is why we say, we make good men better, only better and not the best. Because we Masons believe that the perfect world lies not in the here and now but to that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns.

    Dugang Kadasig ug padayon!

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