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The Making of an Apprentice

May 11th, 2008

Like all fellows and brothers had done who have gone this way before

Most of our menfolk in my father’s clan are Freemasons. My late Dad, his uncles before him, his cousins and nephews are Masons. The latest addition to this list is my elder brother, Ferdie, the eldest of our siblings.

Like myself, Ferdie is a Senior DeMolay and a Past Master Councilor of our DeMolay Chapter, the University Chapter, in MSU Marawi City. Among our siblings, I was the one who first followed the footsteps of our Dad to become a Master Mason.

Following a family tradition and by his own free will and accord, Ferdie finally decided to knock at the doors of our lodge, the Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305.

As a fitting tribute to my Dad, I took the role as Conferral Worshipful Master of Ferdie’s initiation as Entered Apprentice Mason, last Saturday, May 10, 2008.

My brother Ferdie is now an Entered Apprentice Mason and will be undergoing a journey till he becomes a Master Mason. I will be there to guide him on his journey in seeking more light in Masonry, just like what our Dad did when I was made an Entered Apprentice.

I’m sure that our Dad, who is now in the Celestial Lodge above, was happy watching over us, when Ferdie made his first step on the north-east corner of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple.

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