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The Order of DeMolay is now 89 Years Old

March 22nd, 2008

Almost, but not quite. So before it slips off its time line (March 18-24), and before I completely forget about blogging it, I’d like to greet my Brethren in the Order of DeMolay a Happy 89th Founding Anniversary. This DeMolay year also marks my 27th year as a loyal member of the Order of DeMolay which was founded by Dad Frank Sherman Land at Kansas City, Missouri on March 18, 1919.

A brother DeMolay and Freemason aptly described why we DeMolays should celebrate every DeMolay anniversary that comes, in this simple thought: “With the Seven Cardinal Virtues and the Fourteen Code of Ethics in our hearts, let us pay tribute to what has been the biggest part of our youthful years. Molding us to what we have become, guiding us today and defining our future.”

Indeed, if not the biggest part of my youthful years, becoming a DeMolay was the greatest milestone and achievement I earned during my youth. To become part of the greatest youth organization in the world and have that distinct privilege of being called a fraternity brother to some great men (and a mouse) – is an opportunity that comes only once in your lifetime. One can only be a DeMolay within the age bracket of 13-21 years old. Yes, a Brother Mouse too. Did you know that the Order of DeMolay is the only organization the Mickey Mouse belonged to. His creator Walt Disney, was a DeMolay, and Mickey Mouse was made Honorary DeMolay Member of the Mother Chapter of the World in Kansas City Missouri.


Coming from a Masonic family, four out of five of us male siblings became DeMolays. I was initiated to the Order of DeMolay when I was still in High School in 1981. And like my elder brother before me, I had served as Master Councilor of my mother Chapter, the University Chapter, in Mindanao state University, Islamic City of Marawi. During my youth and from where I come from, the Order of DeMolay stands beyond comparison to other fraternities. Many proud members of Greek-lettered fraternities look at the Order of DeMolay with awe and envy. I suppose this still holds true until now. Because one thing that ensures this Grandeur and prestige is that the Order of DeMolay is perpetually under the guidance and stewardship of Freemasonry – the Grand Daddy of all Fraternities known to mankind.

Being DeMolay is priceless, you cannot measure the benefits that you get from being a member in material form. Being DeMolay assures one of the everlasting fellowship of men all over the world who had pledged themselves before our altar, “to be ever loyal to a Brother of this Order; never to cheat or wrong him, and will seek to aid him in time of trouble and need; and will remain silent if they cannot speak a good word for a brother DeMolay in the presence of the uninitiated… and never willingly or knowingly will I do anything which would unfit me for the commendation of all GOOD MEN.”

On the 89th Year of the Order of DeMolay, I reaffirm my vows and re-obligate myself, as a DeMolay, humbly and sincerely, I DO SO PROMISE AND VOW.

Brethren, let us prove to all men that we are dedicated to purposes that are worthy of the martyred hero whose name we have taken on our lips.


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  1. Jim
    March 24th, 2008 at 19:12 | #1

    Hi, Sam. The DeMolay obligations are the most difficult ones I have ever taken; but I’ll never regret joining.

    PMC Chev. RD and so on

  2. jan
    April 1st, 2008 at 17:57 | #2

    its hard to be humble if you are a DeMolay…..hehehe…

    gat andres bonufacio chapter.

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