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Whole Lotto lav

March 31st, 2008

I thought no one’s going to hit the Superlotto jackpot draw last night. No one was able to win this lotto game for the past weeks draw, thats why its pot reached the highest in the history of Philippine lotto – Php 249,005,120.04.

A lone lucky soul hit the jackpot last night. According to a news report this lucky bettor is presumably a Luzon area resident because he placed his or her bet somewhere in Luzon.

Well, some guys have the luck, while others just continue to place their bet on the lottery or run for public office. It seems these are the only two short cuts to riches in our country. The former you win by sheer luck and the latter you can surely win by connection and by guns, goons and gold. Let’s just pray that the one who won the Superlotto is not also a winner of the latter game. I wonder where that somewhere in Luzon area location is, I just hope it’s not somewhere located along the north bank of the Pasig River in Manila.

I’ll just try my luck next time. Some of my friends tell me that the probability of being struck by lightning twice is greater than that of winning the lotto. I tell them in return, that is why it’s a game of chance, you grab it however slim the probability of winning is.

Many in our country today would have it, that if you bet and don’t win you die of hunger, you don’t bet, you still die of hunger. So just take the chance of winning by betting. At least you can have something to pray for and win, than being robbed by politicians in broad(band) daylight and getting back nothing from it except rice shortages and oil price hikes.

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