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Aging by Wine

July 18th, 2008

Two nights ago I had a drinking bout with a Brother DeMolay who is an old friend-since-childhood. For 16 years now he has been and still is, a Seafarer. He had just came home a month ago from a one year tour of duty. Now he is already looking forward to his next boarding schedule. Hopefully if he passes the recent Deck Officer’s examination, he will then be ranked a Chief Mate of his next ship.

Among other subjects, the most interesting topic of our drinking talk evolved around us getting old. No, we didn’t talked about how time flies fast, and with it our becoming older and a notch wealthier or poorer. We simply talked about how we can measure our irrelevance via our capacity in drinking wine and other beverage. We agree that when we were young we can consume in one sitting the whole content of wine gift baskets. Not even two or three wine gift baskets can stop us from greeting the dawn still standing up. But that was once upon a time, when our blood runs wild.

Now, we’re like two grumpy not-so old men who can’t even last till the last drop of a Tanduay dark rum lapad – our all time favorite. Wine gift baskets for us now have simply become objects for display. We already stopped drinking while there’s still one-eight part left in the bottle of rum. We already felt sleepy at 10:30 in the evening, like little children.

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  1. Joji Bulawin
    January 22nd, 2009 at 15:03 | #1

    hahaha when only two of you drink, that’s only social drinking which after few shots, its time to sleep na…try drinking with Bro. Jojo, ikaw na lang maglagot kay di pa gyod manguli bisan buntag na…hahaha

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